Another Cactus Update



I planted a few cacti about 3 weeks ago. I planted them at the zoo. I found a small, out of the way path and I put them there. I didn’t think of them much after that. Well that’s not entirely true, I thought about them constantly for about 2 days and then I kind of forgot about them. I went to the zoo over the weekend and checked on my little sculptures. I figured they would be gone but they weren’t. They were still there. A little worse for wear but they were still there. It looked as though some kids had ran across them and pulled them out of the ground but their parent had hastily replanted them. The zoo was kind of busy so I didn’t have time to fix them at all but next time I go I will fix them up and perhaps plant some more.

…And now for something totally different.

See this kid?



He is your ordinary, everyday kid. His name is Sameer Anwar. By ordinary, everyday kid I mean he does normal stupid stuff like every other kid, like shove stuff up his nose. I can relate. I used to shove popcorn kernels up my nose at the movie theater. My mom would hear me start to sneeze and she would start digging in her purse for tweezers. Anyway, he did not shove popcorn up his nose. He preferred legos. After being in his nose for two years he was finally able to dislodge a minifigure’s hand. I take solace in this story. I feel like my kids have a chance after all.



Yep, there it is. You are welcome. Here is a link to the original story… LINK