A Quick Note About Politics…


I am really close to quitting the internet. Not really but I am really sick of politics. It seems like things are getting more vile everyday so I want to make a pledge to anyone who reads this blog. I will not get political. I will not post links or comment on political things, especially things that are meant to outrage people. This is my little corner of the internet so I want to keep it politic free.

Now this is where I will back-pedal. Everything is being politicized so even a mundane thing can be interpreted with more meaning than intended. I also acknowledge that my life is different than yours so what might seem innocuous to me might be offensive to you. I am sorry. If I write something that is offensive please let me know. I am open to dialog. A good dialog might help me understand and change my behaviors. Just know that my ignorance is not hateful.


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