A Delicious Weekend



If you are ever in Appleton, Wisconsin you should go to The Cozzy Corner. I was up visiting some family and happened upon this place. They have some of the best southern cooking I’ve ever had. Growing up in the south, that actually means something. The place is amazing. The walls and booths are covered with paintings, murals and old record sleeves. When we walked in they were playing Albert King’s Born Under a Bad Sign off the Wednesday Night in San Francisco album. I had my nephew with me. He has started playing guitar so I’ve been trying to be a good uncle and expose him to some different music. He has been listening to Robert Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan lately. When we walked in he looked up, looked all around, got a big smile and said, “I like this place already.”



We had a great lunch. We then walked around downtown and did a bit of Pokémon GOing. We were able to catch a Darkrai so the weekend turned out to be pretty great. I like spending time with that kid. He was the reason I started playing Pokémon Go in the first place.

The other little piece of business is I was able to finish up these…



Business cards! Simple but nice. I told you I was happy with that drawing. I decided to start using it right away.  That’s about it for now. I have started my next project. It should be fun. I’ll start posting some stuff soon.